About Ripped Cream

Robin Dimiceli, Founder of Ripped Cream LLC

In 2010 Robin Dimiceli began the formulation of Ripped Cream.   The idea was born out of my own frustration in not being able to find a healthy coffee creamer.  I was making my own version at home.

I was determined to use Whey protein.  However, after 3 formulators over a year of trying, I learned that Whey could not withstand the heat and acidity of Coffee.  Even with only one gram of protein in a serving, they creamer curdled and would not dissolve.

I was fortunate to have the advise of Joar Ophiem, owner of Nordic Naturals.  He introduced me to his on staff MD’s and chemists.  They recommended that we use Casein and gelatin from pure beef hyde as our protein source.  This gave us added health benefits, great flavor and the ability to dissolve quickly in hot beverages.  The protein also did not denature when heated over 165 degrees.

The chemists at Abco Laboratories in Fairfield, Ca were able to take this information and find a creamer base with flavors that are all natural, GMO free, Gluten Free.  We added 50% of Vitamin D3 per serving, knowing that 75% of Americans are deficient in this much needed nutrient.  We made sure there were NO trans fats, No hydrogenated oils and found the perfect balance of delicious and nutritious.

With the help of my family I was able to self fund the formulation and production of Ripped Cream.  Since introduced to the market we have distributed mostly online.

I am currently working on the Whole Food’s account.  The product itself scored 100% in the 3rd party food safety audit ordered by whole Food’s Northern Ca.

I have worked alone on all forms of social media and although we have not yet reached large numbers of future customers.  Ripped Cream has made loyal customers out of many pro athletes, Olympians, celebrities, and musicians.  I would estimate that approximately 50% of our customers that purchase online are men.  The branding and nutritional benefits make Ripped Cream a product that appeals to both men and women.

Ripped Cream a solid product in the premium/natural grocery category.  This category accounts for 50% of dollar volume sales in grocery stores today.  Customers understand that a natural/organic product will cost 3 times the price and statistics prove they are willing to pay for good health.   The vast majority of coffee is purchased in a grocery store and brewed at home or the office.  2013 Coffee Creamer sales reached 3.3 billion dollars.  No other coffee creamer is focused on healthy and natural.

The focus on branding of Ripped Cream will also make Coffee Creamer Cool!! When I have snapped photographs of athletes and celebrities tasting Ripped Cream at events, they make a muscle and pose in fun ways that demonstrate it is more than a coffee creamer, Ripped Cream branding creates an image of fit and healthy, it has a sense of humor.  I believe that gives us huge social currency and the promise of brand insistence.

I am excited to bring Ripped Cream in to retail and help grow this company to the point of being a household name!


Robin Dimiceli